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Kings of Leon

I love this band!  Been listening to their latest album 'Only By The Night'.  I highly recommend it.

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Here's the latest update on my tale of two brothers.  I am not a nurse, doctor or any other kind of medical personnel so any medical mistakes are all mine.
Don't own anything OC.



 Prompted by brandywine421
Recent things that have made me happy:

1.  Hanging with my grandson - he just turned 2 and is a delight and always excited to see me!
2.  The leaves changing - simply beautiful view from my front window.
3.  Boston College's spectacular win last night at Virginia Tech!
4.  Rediscovering my relationship with my husband now that all the kids are grown.
5.  A new hairdo
6.  My family.




O Brother Where Art Thou

 Here's part 5 - don't own anything OC.


Birthday Greetings

 Happy Birthday to 60schic

Ann Patchett

I just read bel canto by Ann Patchett.  It was one of the most descriptive and sensual books I have ever read.  I was blown away by this book and would definitely name it as one of the more moving books I have ever read.  I will have to read some more of her books.  Any recommendations?


O Brother Where Art Thou?

This update is dedicated to


Thanks for the input and inspiration. 



Ok so I have watched the first two episodes of Josh Schwartz's new show CHUCK and while it is cute it isn't as compelling and gut-wrenching as The OC (I know, it's supposed to be an action comedy, duh).  But I did notice in the first episode a shout out to all OC fans (and Ben McKenzie) in that Chuck's ringtone on his cell was a Journey song.


Here's my second story - again for



Sentence:               Lindsay returns to Newport and stops to visit Caleb's - and Marissa's - graves.
Title:                         California Here I Come
Word Count:           1214
Rating:                     G
Disclaimer:             No OC owner here.